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Rated 5 out of 5
December 9, 2019

I was on a 5 day hunt in Saskatcewan the first week of November. Day one the teperature was 10 below and combined with my Sitka clothing my Blizzard Buddy kept me comfy ALL day. Never was cold. Was able to get in and out quickly when I needed to. Easy to carry to the stand, easy to put on. VERY PLEASED. Booked the same hunt for next year and I’m taking my Blizzard Buddy for sure.

Thanks for a great product.

David A Blakley
Rated 5 out of 5
April 4, 2019

Blizzard Buddy saved me during the last few weeks of Ohio deer season, with temps in the single digits. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to stay warm in the woods. It’s worth the money!

David Kauffman
Rated 5 out of 5
January 21, 2019

This is an update to a previous review. Yesterday 1/20/19 . Was the last day of the Illinois archery season. I am amazed at how warm I was with just one set of base layers and noninslated bibs. I was 25ft up the tree the temperature was 21 degrees 10 mph wind out of North West and a windchill of 13 degrees. I was able to hunt comfortably but the important thing in hunting in cold weather like yesterday it kept me safe.

Mat Ramage
Rated 5 out of 5
January 16, 2019

Quality and durability very good. Size fits like it should very comfortable going to test squirrel hunting tomorrow high 15 degrees

Rick K
Rated 5 out of 5
January 10, 2019

It finally got cold enough for me to try this thing out yesterday afternoon. I have to admit I was skeptical at first when I took out the box. But after yesterday I’m empressd. The temp was in the 40s with a 14mph wind out of the north west and I stayed toasty warm. All I had on was a set of compression base layers, non inslated bibs and a heavy shirt.

You don’t to heavy thick on either I just had on jersey gloves and my hands even stayed toasty warm. One thing I did find that made moving around with expecting to get a shot was to just leave arm holes open. The deer started moving where I was, and its just to already have arm holes unzipped. You still stay warm. So I made the decision to get blizzard buddy. If you’re bow hunter and enjoy hunter the late season but don’t like being uncomfortable in the cold weather this is made for you. We’ll worth the money

Mat Ramage

My Blizzard Buddy kept me warm in sub-zero temperatures, but more impressive is the functionality of the suit. - Dave Kopp, Stark County - 265” buck

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The problem with many of the over-the-clothes suit options for cold-weather hunting is that they aren’t really designed for bowhunters. This is not the case with the Blizzard Buddy. This fleece-lined, ultra-quiet suit is built in such a way that bowhunters can easily (and silently) zip open the arm slots and shoot without worrying about interference from bulk. It’s also made in the U.S.A., outfitted with interior pockets and rolls up into a small, portable unit that can be carried anywhere late-season critters dwell. - Grand View Outdoors


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Might seem like overkill but it won't be if you're out there and the temperature never gets above freezing. The Hunting Suit is designed to allow bowhunters to stay warm, and if need be, maneuver into shooting position. It's available in a variety of sizes, and can be a lifesaver on long, frigid days when the north wind won't stop blowing and the first few snowflakes of winter start falling. -Bowhunter


In the cold late season when the mature bucks are on their feet feeding, you can bet I will be in the tree stand, warm in my Blizzard Buddy. - Buck Owen, Wayne County - 256” buck