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My Blizzard Buddy kept me warm in sub-zero temperatures, but more impressive is the functionality of the suit. - Dave Kopp, Stark County - 265” buck

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The problem with many of the over-the-clothes suit options for cold-weather hunting is that they aren’t really designed for bowhunters. This is not the case with the Blizzard Buddy. This fleece-lined, ultra-quiet suit is built in such a way that bowhunters can easily (and silently) zip open the arm slots and shoot without worrying about interference from bulk. It’s also made in the U.S.A., outfitted with interior pockets and rolls up into a small, portable unit that can be carried anywhere late-season critters dwell. - Grand View Outdoors


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Might seem like overkill but it won't be if you're out there and the temperature never gets above freezing. The Hunting Suit is designed to allow bowhunters to stay warm, and if need be, maneuver into shooting position. It's available in a variety of sizes, and can be a lifesaver on long, frigid days when the north wind won't stop blowing and the first few snowflakes of winter start falling. -Bowhunter


In the cold late season when the mature bucks are on their feet feeding, you can bet I will be in the tree stand, warm in my Blizzard Buddy. - Buck Owen, Wayne County - 256” buck