Blizzard Buddy Cold Weather Hunting Suit

Created for hunters by hunters

As hunters from Ohio, we know how cold hunting can get during the winter months. After much searching, we were still unable to find something that would help us function in the deer stand properly and still stay warm. It was out of this frustration that the Blizzard Buddy hunting suit was born. Every part of our patent-pending design was carefully thought out. We as hunters wanted a suit we could easily carry or snap to our backpack while walking to the tree stand because we wanted to dress lightly and not get all sweaty. Once at the tree stand we wanted the suit to be easy enough to put on and warm enough to stay cozy all day long. We didn’t think it was practical to take off half of the suit to make a shot so we designed arm ports that can be silently unzipped without scaring off a deer. We know this suit works because we’ve been using it. We love how it keeps us warm on even the coldest hunts and we know you’ll love it too!